Tuesday, October 28, 2003

Sigh. Do you think you could do my homework for me? I'm not above flat-out begging! I had to work over tonight - we are supposed to work a minimum of three hours of overtime this week. I think that it will be the longest week I've had in a while. Not because of having to work, but because I think it is time to find a new job.

Apparently talking is not allowed at my job. No communicating of anything remotely personal, and even questions that are job related seem to have a time limit. I wish I were exaggerating here, people. I have very little tolerance for the type of big brother atmosphere that I seem to be working in. I know that I am not the only one that is frustrated, but I am not in a position to just leave without finding another job.

Do you realize how boring it is to sit and type all day and not even be able to ask the person sitting two feet from you "Hey, how was your weekend?"....or "Where you going for lunch?".....

Here is the kicker of the whole situation - it's not like I am not productive at work. Oh, no, quite the opposite.
I guess that the fact that some of us are capable of doing our jobs without it requiring 110% of our attention (believe me, it's not rocket science) is a bad thing...

After getting a "talking to" today, I remembered something that I only wish I would have remembered while "in the meeting." I went on break at 10:05 yesterday - and we start at 7:30 - and I mentioned to a co-worker that I hadn't spoken to ANYONE in my department yet that day.

Okay I am getting off the computer now to do homework. I need to get my degree and a real job without all this childish kindergarten bullshit.

Wednesday, October 22, 2003

What a month. My car cost $158 to get fixed -- it was in need of a major tuneup. Luckily getting the CV joint on Ray's car fixed was only about $15. I would have had Jeremy work on mine, but it practically died on me and I really did not have a choice. Then about 2 weeks later, the check engine light came on again. This time I did have Jeremy work on it, and it turned out to be a blown fuse. Nothing too major.

I am thinking about trading in my car for a minivan, but I haven't decided. My insurance is way too high, considering I have a base model Cavalier. No tricks or anything - I have to roll the window down by hand and I don't even have cruise. I currently pay $150 a month to insure it, and it's going up at the next renewal. My car payment is only $129. You do the math.

For anyone looking for Mary Kay products, I placed a nice order today - you can visit my website at www.marykay.com/cleffel if you would like to do some shopping! They have some really nice stuffs that would make great gifts!!! Honest!! Best of all? There is a satisfaction guarantee - not a lot of cosmetic companies can say "Here, try this lipstick! Hate the color? Okay, well let's try a different one." Usually the line is "oh well, sorry" or something of that nature.

Another reason to buy Mary Kay products? They are great! When I was in high school I had a prescription for Retin-A and tetracycline for my skin - mucho scarring. I don't use any of that now - only use the TimeWise Cleanser and moisturizer from Mary Kay, and foundation / powder. Very few skin problems. Of course there is the usual PMS related breakouts, but you cannot beat Mother Nature.

If you want to know more about Mary Kay Cosmetics, visit www.marykay.com. You might be surprised!

I really really need to have about 10 more hours in each day. I need to do homework and CLEAN MY HOUSE!! This computer room is a disaster !! This weekend, however, I think we are going to the hockey game (GO GENERALS) on Friday and maybe heading up north Saturday to see the color before the trees lose all their leaves. Ray and I also just want to spend some quality time together. I work first shift, he works second. I have to be to work at 7:30, which means leaving about 6:55 (I have to have time to stop and buy a Mt. Dew). I talk to him for about 10 min on lunch (Just love that Nextel Direct Connect), and then for another 2 or 3 after work. He gets out of work at 10 pm, so he gets home around 10:40. I go to bed usually at 11:30 at the latest (since I get up at 5:30).....
Are you getting the drift that we do not have a whole lot of time together?

I think it is starting to take a toll on us - nothing drastic, mind you, but I think that we need to spend the time together this weekend. The house can wait.

Well, I must be off. I am supposed to be watching a movie that I have to write a paper on for class tomorrow night.


Wednesday, September 17, 2003

Well well well. I really should be in bed right now, but I am enjoying playing on my new computer.
First new computer I have ever had!! :) The computer that I was previously using was my Mom's laptop. Now we have a desktop - and even a desk to go with it.

I am so busy with school - four classes is a lot of homework, especially when you throw a full time job into the mix. I also have to volunteer at a political campaign for my one class. Whew!! Talk about busy.

I am still working at the temp job - so far so good. I don't know how long the assignment is supposed to last, but right now it is nice to have the bills caught up and a little $$ in the bank. This weekend we have to get both of the cars worked on. My car needs a new fuel filter or something....and Ray's needs a new CV joint. I believe that Jeremy is going to work on them for us. I will have to grill him a steak or something. :)

Well - I have been staying up way too late and Ray wants to get on the computer, so I shall close for now...until next time!!

Tuesday, August 26, 2003

Ahh - my how time flies! I am now a 27-year old. Woohoo! I am working at an insurance agency in the Flint area doing data entry. It is a pretty decent job. I like the fact that I keep very busy - which makes the work day just fly by!

Great news - last Friday I FINALLY received my unemployment checks!! I got 10 weeks of back pay. Even better was the fact that we had actually gotten the majority of the bills caught up, so we had a little fun money. :) I bought a new garage door opener - ours hasn't worked in months - and for my birthday I bought myself a new bike. Ray got one too. :) We also spent some money on the animals...the flea meds from the store weren't working, so now we have both of them on Revolution. So far I have noticed that they are hardly scratching at all. I still need to wash my blankets and also clean the carpets. We also had Sparky neutered on Monday - that was $78 - but I have been meaning to get it done for some time now.

I feel so bad :) He has to wear a collar on his neck - the thing that looks like a lampshade - so that he won't lick his stitches. Ray was supposed to call the vet today to see how long he has to wear it. Right now he has it off and is laying in front of the fan. About an hour ago he got up on the couch with me, laid his head on my lap and fell asleep. It was very cute. He's my buddy!

This weekend we worked on cleaning up the enormous brush pile in the backyard. It has been there since we moved in. Since we live in the city, we are supposed to cut it up and put it to the curb every week. Yeah right. That would have taken a few years! We loaded it into a trailer and took it to my Mom's for disposal. In the process of digging it out (the pile was at least six feet high), we found a decomposing dog at the bottom. Very disgusting. We have no idea where it came from, when it got there, or who it belongs to.

School started this week - at least my Ferris classes. Back to the grindstone!

Well, need to go check on my dog ...

Friday, August 15, 2003

Well, this is my first posting in a month. Not doing too good at keeping up with this, am I? Hmmph. Well, I had a miscarriage last month, that kind of sucked, but we are doing okay. The doctors did not find anything wrong physically - and believe me, it was not for a lack of looking! It's just one of those things, I guess. Today is my last day at this temp job, the regular receptionist is coming back on Monday. I have another position lined up through my contract house. I start Monday at an insurance company in Flint, which is good. They are paying me the same as here, but it is obviously much closer, so I will be saving some green on gas.

Ray's job is going well, he seems to like it a lot. He has so far only had positive things to say.

This weekend we are camping at the Bay City State Park. Tomorrow we are going to see the Tall Ships in Bay City. We left the cat at home, and Sparky is at my Mom's for the weekend. Had a little adventure this morning. Ray was packing up the car while I was getting ready for work. We are ready to leave, and I notice the cat sitting in the driveway. Since he is not an outdoor cat, this was not a good thing. We were both chasing him around the yard. The grass was slippery, which made it that much more difficult. Reminded us both of when Sparky never wanted to come in the hosue. I am SO glad that he doesn't pull that stuff anymore.

Last night when I got home the trash can was tipped over - apparently there were chicken bones in there - and I picked it up and scolded Sparky. Later on, I hear the can tip over again. Well, Sparky was in my line of sight, so I knew he didn't do it. It was the cat!

Monday, July 14, 2003

Well, tomorrow I am going back to work in a temp position covering a maternity leave. It is forecast to last about 4 to 6 weeks, 40 hours per week. It will definitely help offset some of the bills that are stacking up. We may have a slight porblem in that my house insurance is nearly double what it was last year (but still not a bad rate, so I am not complaining), but I don't believe that I have enough money in my escrow account. Which, of course, given the current situation for us financially, is a problem. The insurance premium is due on August 9, but my mortgage company is supposed to pay it. I haven't received any letters, etc. that I have to give them more money, so I'm not sure what is going to happen. I may have to borrow the money from my mom. Of course, if the state of Michigan would hurry up with my unemployment claim, I may be able to use my unemployment check. At this point I have called MARVIN 5 times, for a total of 10 weeks claimed, so I that is a hefty amount. I could get my bills caught up, pay off my credit card and be okay. Ray is starting a new job, so he will be bringing in more money than he is right now.


Saturday, July 12, 2003

Well I am back to waiting for employment again. :P Sucky business, this unemployment! I am more than ready to go back to work, and I want to start getting the house ready for the baby - but that is rather difficult with no funds!! Now I am downloading all of the honeymoon pics and burning them to a CD. I might not have the most up to date pc equipment, but it helps when you have friends that do!

Monday, July 07, 2003

Well, the last week has been rather interesting. I took a temp position through Kelly at a local business. My description of it is this - it sucked. The business was very disorganized - I, as the receptionist, did not have a desk - I sat at the "break table". It was 83 degrees plus in the office, which was horrible! I had other things going on - namely, an interview for a very good job - so I had to call in. Ironically, I really WAS sick. I had a migraine for TWO straight days. I'm fairly confident that it was caused by the heat in that office, because I have felt much better since then! Needless to say, I was dismissed for my "attendance issues" by the client. :P is what I have to say in response. Of course, I would have enjoyed having some money come in, and I don't need the crap from Kelly, but I had to go. A temp position with no benefits is not acceptable for long term for anyone.

I also found out that I am pregnant - my due date is February 28, 2004. So, the need for a steady job w/ good pay and benefits is of infinite importance at this point in time. I should be hearing something any time from a couple of other contract houses. I still have to call Kelly back and I am not looking forward to that. My account manager for that position had an attitude problem about it. I didn't like her beforehand and I like her even less now. I have been with Kelly for a VERY long period of time. I was on assignment at General Motors for FIVE YEARS and she is griping about "attendance issues". On one hand I understand their point of view - her delivery and attitude are my issue - but at the same time, I have to look out for myself and family.

Ray had an interview today - he said that it went well, so I am keeping my fingers crossed. It is for a position similiar to the ones that he had before, so he has adequate experience, and he does have a bachelor's degree in this field. I really want him to get this job....and I need to get back to work ASAP. I want to get my freaking bills caught up, not to mention I need to get going on painting the computer room and turning it into a nursery!! ;)

Tuesday, June 24, 2003

I really need to get back into the habit (or did I ever really start?) of posting here on a regular basis. I really think that it would be a good forum to "clear my mind" as they say. I am still VERY much unemployed, which is going to start putting a major crimp in our financial situation soon. Ray started working today at a factory job in Oxford through a temp service. It isn't the greatest pay, but it is definitely better than nothing. Hopefully we hear something form the county soon. The last I heard they were still conducting the background check. He is also sending a resume and application to Crossroads for Youth.

Myself? I had an interview this morning for a position in Fenton through Kelly. It is a definite temp position filling in for a woman while she is out on maternity leave. I also stopped at Cornerstone Staffing in Grand Blanc and submitted my resume to them. I took there tests and the woman that I talked to said that she has a position in mind fo rme. I am sure that they will have check my references first. I also heard from Liz at Option One regarding the position at SPO - she said that the person at SPO would make a decision by Friday. Even if I were to get that position, it doesn't start until after the 2 week shutdown.

One definitely positive note - I mailed out a batch of 10 resumes yesterday, and I got a call back today about one. I called him back and left him a message - going to follow up again tomorrow with him. I am hoping that something comes through really soon here - I am so tired of being laid off and I definitely am sick of the financial stress!!

Aahh! I feel better --- although I must apologize for ranting and raving - don't want to start to sound totally negative - but I definitely needed to vent! Thank you for listening and TTFN!

Tuesday, June 03, 2003

Well, now I am officially hitched. The weather Saturday was rather chilly and overcast, but I must say that the wedding went off spectacularly. After the ceremony and photos the wedding party went for a ride on the carousel. I can't wait to see the video for that! :)

Saturday, May 24, 2003

Can you say "seriously long time since I have posted here?" Not that anyone reads this anyhow...
One week from today I am getting MARRIED!! Can you believe it?? I have been SUPER busy the last few weeks, between wedding stuff and job hunting. I still haven't found anything, but I am going to look a bit more seriously than I am right now. Very excited about the cruise :) I cannot wait!
Next week should be fun and super busy. The week AFTER the wedding but BEFORE the cruise is probably going to drag. I can feel it now!

I am working on my FAFSA - should have had it done a while ago but alas, I have pushed it aside. :( Just so many things going on!

Well, I hate to cut this short, but I must get it done!

PS Happy B-Day, Dad - I love you and miss you!
(Leonard V. Leffel, May 24, 1952 - January 8, 1996)

Wednesday, May 07, 2003

Well. A lot of things have happened since my last post. Specifically, I am no longer employed. :( My position at GM was eliminated due to budget constraints, and Kelly hasn't found me anything yet. I am still waiting on my $$ determination from unemployment to find out how much I am eligible for. Monday I met a bunch of people from GM for lunch - very touching. :) There were about 12 people there and I got a card with $75 in it! Talk about surprised!! I was rather emotional...
A job is a job, but I will miss the people that I worked with - five years is a LONG time to see the same people day after day....
Sometimes I saw them more than I saw my family!! I have been submitting resumes online and stuff, but I haven't seriously followed up on anything because I have the wedding and cruise coming up. I need like 2 weeks off and that is a lot to ask immediately after starting a job - although it is truly not my fault. I am going to look a lot harder after the cruise. I have found TONS of things online and nearly all of them pay more than I was making, so I suppose that is the silver lining in the cloud.

Ray and I bought a new faucet for the kitchen sink today - very sick of the dripping we have been experiencing, especially considering that we have to pay for that water that is going to waste! I feel guilty spending the $50 but at the same time it will save us money. I guess that I am just feeling guilty because he has been working a lot of OT to make up for my lost income. :( Oh well, I suppose that is what "For better or worse" is all about.

Monday, April 28, 2003

Very busy weekend! So busy that I am still tired today! I had shopping on Saturday and yesterday was my bridal shower. My uncle and his girlfriend - the ones that called to bitch - didn't even show up. Irritating, not to mention seriously immature. Apparently the GF is manic depressive and doesn't take her medication - explains a lot about her. I feel bad for her that she has that problem, but at the same time, it's like "Hello, dumb ass, take your medication". I think that she sounds rather selfish, vain, insecure and rather immature. The worst part is that my uncle is buying into her little drama and it is having an effect on his kids. What he does is his own business, but when he starts treating his kids badly because she is jealous, that is just wrong.

Anyhow - enough on that rant! The shower went well, thank goodness. Now down to the "final countdown", as the saying goes.
I still have to go shopping w/ Ray and his Mom - they had quite a few deals at Sears Saturday, I may see if she wants to go there. My Grandma bought a pantsuit and a dress for me (very early bday present) for less than what she had paid for a dress that she ordered from Lane Bryant. I am glad she found a nice pantsuit - I think she will be much more comfortable that way and she will get more use out of the outfit.

Well back to work for me !

Thursday, April 24, 2003

Thursday is here. Almost to Friday! Thank goodness! Work is going by rather slowly today. I have a presentation in class tonight, I hope that it goes well. I think we are taking our final next Thursday. I certainly hope so, since I haven't really studied yet!

Families can really be soooooo trying at times. Last night my uncle called my Mom to find out why his girlfriend hadn't been invited to my bridal shower. Like we are purposely trying to be mean to her. First of all, I have only met her ONE time and she wasn't exactly the most outgoing / friendly person towards me or my Mom. Secondly, I didn't know her last name and quite frankly, forgot to call my uncle and ask him. Funny how having a full time job and 3 college classes creates very little time for anything else. The whole situation just seems so high school to me. I met this person one time and I am obligated to invite her to my bridal shower? It's a no win situation - I wanted to invite her to include her, but at the same time I have only met her once, they are NOT married, and I just felt like I was saying "hey, bring me a present" or something.

Lots of work to do this weekend preparing for the shower. My Mom and I are going shopping Saturday w/ my Grandma, looking forward to that. That should be one heck of an adventure ;)....

Wednesday, April 23, 2003

The layoff scare still is not over, much to my dismay. Right now I just don't need the hassle!! It is a beautiful day and coupled with my growing cynicism about my job, I am very much tempted to play hooky! I have quite a bit of vacation time, so it's not like I couldn't take the day off, but somehow I feel like I should be here, since most of the team is out of the office. I am struggling with a guilty conscience on this one - I have no ambition right now because I am very much irritated by the never-ending lay-off saga. On the same hand, I do feel a certain amount of loyalty toward the people that I work directly with. Plus, if I do get laid off, it's not like it was anything they could control. They have done what they can, and now we shall just have to wait and see where the cards fall.

One of the guys that I work with (who is out of town today), did call and wish me a "Happy Administrative Professionals" day. That caught me by surprise. I have worked here for almost 5 1/2 years and this is the 3rd time anyone has actually remembered me on this day!

I also took a final in one of my criminal justice classes today - went pretty well I think, and I also took the last test in my sociology class. It was fairly easy, also. I have a presentation tomorrow night, and another one on either next Monday or Wednesday, and then I am done for the semester! Summer vacation at last!! :) Saturday I am going shopping with my Mom and Grandma - Mom is buying Grandma something decent to wear to my wedding (she has zero taste and lives on very little money from Social Security), plus I have to get fitted for my wedding dress. In all depressive things it is probably still too tight but I guess I didn't have enough personal control to lose the weight that I wanted to. That is something that I seriously need to get very much more motivated about. Exercise and weight loss and all that good stuff.

Well, being the good person that I am, I should get back to work and struggle through the next couple of hours. Might as well earn a paycheck while I still can, eh?

Sunday, April 20, 2003

Another long delay between posts.... The "layoff scare" wasn't really over yet...so far I haven't heard for sure one way or the other. I am assuming that it has passed, though, because in our "All People" meeting last Thursday they said they have approval from upper management to ADD 3 positions....so I guess we shall see. Sometimes there is absolutely no logic to any of it.

Next weekend is my bridal shower. Time certainly has flown by !! My Grandma was supposed to come down on Saturday but I called today and said I would pick her up on Friday so that we have plenty of time on Saturday. My Mom is taking her shopping for a nice outfit for the wedding, and we are also going to the bridal shop for a fitting and to pay on the dress. Since I have to borrow the money from my Mom, I figured we could do it all in one day, since the odds of my Mom getting a weekend day off between now and the wedding are pretty much zilch!! My grandma seemed kinda pissed off about it and that kind of irritates me. I am the one driving 2 hours one way to pick her up - and it's not my fault that she is ALWAYS late!!! She said she was coming down on Saturday which with her means she'll get here about 7 pm. Yeah right...

The whole thing irritated me and especially since I rarely see her and rarely ask her for anything. She is making rolls for my shower, though, and she said that she has to make them on Saturday. I'm like - so make them on Friday. It will be like 6 or 6:30 before I can get up there anyway! Grr!!!

Friday, April 04, 2003

Okay - Obviously it has been a while since my last post. Things have been VERY crazy this week, to say the least! Monday there was the "lay-off scare" (which seems to have worked out fine, thank goodness), and then on Tuesday the water heater went to hell. Even with the home warranty, it cost me $270, plus my Mom spotted us $95 for the deductible, but now we have a brand new 40 gallon (bigger than the old one) natural gas water heater. However, that $270 had been set aside with the intention of paying off my wedding dress. So now I have a nearly maxed out credit card and a month to go until the wedding. My Mom said that she will cover the dress if need be, but I really don't want to have to ask her for that. I mean, she is already paying for the catering, the drinks, the hall and part of the bridal shower. Speaking of which, Ray's Dad keeps calling and asking him if I sent an invitation to "so and so" . I don't think he gets the fact that I am not inviting every single person he knows to the bridal shower. Like they would even come anyway. I mean, if I don't know know who THEY are, chances are they don't know who I am! It is very irritating because he hasn't chipped in any $$ yet toward anything other than the cruise - which they offered as a wedding present....
and yet my Mom is paying for all that stuff, plus the rehearsal dinner! And she works at Meijer's for crying out loud...no mega millions there!! The whole thing isn't really that big a deal but to me, he needs to quit adding all these mystery people to the guest list, considering he is not the one paying for all the food! He is paying for the DJ and the photographer, but he is getting a SWEET deal on both of them ($500 TOTAL between the 2). He also has a balance on the cruise and hasn't gotten the airline tix yet.
I am not trying to sound selfish, but I am really looking forward to this cruise - Lord knows we both need a vacation - and I just keep getting that nagging feeling in my stomach. That "don't get your hopes up" feeling....

On a brighter note the only thing left (other than the dress) is the marriage license, ray's tux and I have to write to North Carolina for his birth certificate (for the cruise)...oh and I need a music CD for the wedding....I don't know anyone that plays the organ....

Thursday, March 20, 2003

Thursday now - boy, I haven't been keeping up too well this week! Last night I went out to dinner with Ray and then we went to Wal-Mart to look for new toys for Sparky. Spoiled dog!

I have discovered that my gas gage is definitely out of whack. After running out of gas on the expressway on Sunday....yesterday I filled it up and about 5 minutes later the check gages light comes on. About a minute later it came on again, and the gas gage went from full to 3/4. Keep in mind that by this point I had only driven about five miles!! I know I didn't use that much gas!! Well, the gage went back to full and the light went off, but it makes me wonder what is wrong with the thing. It just started doing that this weekend...
Any ideas?

I have class tonight and I have felt like crap all day, so I'm not looking forward to it. However, I am a little less than thrilled with the grade I got for midterm, and I want to talk to the instructor about it. Definitely need to get that up!!

At least tomorrow is Friday though!! woohoo!

Monday, March 17, 2003

Monday already? Looks like I missed a few days here on my blog! Ahh well. Weekend was good. The weather was fantastic yesterday, and except for that little "running out of gas" incident on the expressway, it was a great day! Sparky played outside most of the day, and then we took him for a nice, long walk. He really is learning to walk better on the leash. I bought him a new 16 ft. retractable leash yesterday at Pet Smart. Spoiled dog!! :) I really wanted that leash though. It will be nice when we take him to wide open spaces, like my Mom's yard.

Work is going all right this afternoon, but for some reason I am seriously dragging. I think it might have something to do with the fact that they did not bother to turn the heat down in here - that is definitely making me sleepy!!


Wednesday, March 12, 2003

Here it is - Hump Day !! Woohoo! Halfway to the weekend! This morning started out kind of rough - woke up with a killer headache in the back of my head / neck area. I think I was either grinding or clenching my teeth in my sleep. So - I got up, took two Excedrin Migraine (the wonder drug) and laid back down for a while. My adorable puppy Sparky sensed I wasn't feeling well and came up and laid beside me on my pillow. Every once in a while he would lick my hand or arm as if he were trying to comfort me. It was so cute! I ended up falling back asleep for about 45 minutes, and then woke up and realized that Sparky was sprawled out beside me and snoring. Anyhow - feeling much better now! I didn't get into work until about 8:30, but such is life. I would have been rather useless with that pounding headache! So far it's rather quiet here this morning, but I'm sure that will change. We have our weekly meeting tomorrow and I do have some things to get done for that. On that note - maybe I'd better go start doing some of them!!

Tuesday, March 11, 2003

Tuesday already? My week has been thrown off track by the fact that it is spring break. :) No classes for me this week. Unfortunately, since I already have a real job, I have to work.

I just logged into my website on The Knot, and according to their official countdown, we have 81 days to go until the wedding! You can view our webpage here for the "Story of Us".

You are...

What Spongebob Character are you? Click here!

Found on Zaldor's website. Apparently none of us are too busy at work today.

The irony is that SpongeBob annoys the heck out of me. That show is weird to say the very least.

Monday, March 10, 2003

I am not feeling all that wonderful today. I called and made a doctor's appointment for 3 p.m. I think I have some combination head cold / sinus infection crap going on. I have been putting it off because of the damn copay situation. This is going to cost me $10 for the office visit, $10 for the prescription and of course a few hours of work. Luckily I can just make the hours up another day. Otherwise I would have to just sit here and suffer.

I received a letter last week from Ferris State University saying that I have been accepted into the Criminal Justice program in Flint! Woohoo! I also called Mott today because I don't believe that the graduation audit that they gave me is correct. No wonder college takes so damn long. If the people working at the college would get it together, it would make a lot of people's lives easier. Just think of the potential for ripping people off, here, too. How many people would double check what they say? I'm willing to bet that the majority of people would just take what they said at face value and continue trudging along.

Even though I feel extremely blah right now, I had a pretty good weekend! Did all right in bowling last night, first game was a 144 and the second was a 111. My scores are definitely improving from the beginning of this season.

Take the What
animal best portrays your sexual appetite??

Got that link from Zaldor's blog. What kind are you??

Friday, March 07, 2003

I have been reading some of my old entries (not that there are many of them) and realized that most of them are ranting / raving, and nothing that is even remotely close to being thought provoking. I think that I am going to have to take the time to update my blog at home, rather than work, and that might help. Trying to squeeze in an entry while no one is looking doesn't amount to much in the quality arena. :) I am glad that today is Friday, and I am very much hoping that Ray gets home from work in time to call Great Lakes Crossing back. He definitely needs a new job - I am very concerned for him. :( He doesn't like his job and from what he has told me, it almost sounds like they are setting him up to be fired. That would be extremely devastating right now (well really anytime), with the wedding only a couple of months away and all. I hope that it all works out, because I'm not sure that my measly paycheck can handle all the bills.....

Thursday, March 06, 2003

Why do people insist on doing things to screw other people over? I haven't used my Ebay account in months...and today I look on there and I have negative feedback. "Seller beware - doesn't pay".... Well, I knew damn well that I had mailed the sorry sucker a check. So, I dig through bank statements and old checkbook registers. Sure enough, the check was cashed on November 8, 2002. Give me a break people. Now, I realize that one negative isn't going to kill me but I do not enjoy being called thief. After all, that is what you are if you take something and don't pay for it, correct? Now - figure this out - why would they have shipped me the item before the check cleared?? I honestly do not remember when the item arrived - it was a Christmas gift, so it promptly got stuck in the closet after it arrived and I checked it for damage, etc. The product was great and well worth what I paid for it. (Note the key word in that sentence.) I don't know if it was oversight on the seller's part or what, but they seriously owe me an apology. I am also going to have to submit a request for "mediation" because the seller cannot automatically retract their statement, even if it is a blatant lie.

Well, on that note, I believe that my fishsticks should be ready now. ;) Meal of champions!

Tuesday, March 04, 2003

So far Tuesday is going much better than Monday did! Yesterday was far too stressful. Today I have just finished updating a spreadsheet that isn't due until Friday, so that is a nice feeling. Now it is on to the one million other projects that I have piled on my desk.

We went to Osterman's and ordered Ray's wedding ring yesterday. Nothing fancy, just a plain white gold band. I also am mailing out the deposit for the chapel . Very excited about that. The next step is order the invitations. I have to 100% decide on the "starting time" of the ceremony first. I am looking at 2:30. We have the chapel from 1 to 4, but I want to allow time for us to decorate or anything of that nature, plus anything too early and everyone will be completely famished by the time the reception starts. I also want to allow time for photographs after the ceremony. I wouldn't mind getting some outdoor shots at Crossroads Village and maybe even Stepping Stone Falls. I think we are going to have to utilize someone else's vehicle for that day - large dress and little Cavalier do not mix!!

I also *finally* finished updating our "wedding page".

Wednesday, February 26, 2003

Busy, busy, busy here at work today. So many "little" things going on right now. Sometimes I wonder if people realize all of the "little" things that I have to do. I'm not complaining, but sometimes it would be nice if people would do some things themselves. Of course, if I am free, I am more than willing to help out, but sometimes it just gets a little overwhelming. Fill out your own Fed Ex slip!! I know you can handle it! I guess that is the life of an admin, though. :) I like my job - don't get me wrong - just sometimes it seems like there are not enough hours in the day (and dollars in my paycheck).

Today was my Criminal Justice midterm - very easy I must say. I am hoping for a nice high grade! So far I am doing very well in that class. This semester my only headache is my English class. The class itself is not hard, but the teacher is somewhat disorganized and it does not seem to be going smoothly for anyone. I do not like her style of teaching (she seems rather obsessed with commas at times), but on a positive note, she is a very nice person. I am also having difficulty with the fact that when she writes something, she rambles and uses poor grammar, but expects perfection of us. It's only English 101 for crying out loud!! I HATE all this verb crap, dangling participles, etc. Like anyone cares about any of that in real life! I have already taken English 102, so I know that I have a fairly decent writing ability (okay, that and the 35 on my ACT in English), but she is killing me. I just keep thinking that if I am having this much grief, how is everyone else taking it? (It's an online class.)

Well - now that I am done griping - and thank you for listening (or not). I do feel better, if that is any consolation for wasting 5 minutes of your life reading my groaning....back to the doldrums of the worker bee...

Tuesday, February 25, 2003

Ahh Tuesday....I enjoyed a nice, long weekend. I took Friday and Monday off as vacation days. Friday was all homework, while Monday was spent hanging out with Ray and Sparky. :) Friday night Leslie and Lily stayed the night, much hyper activity there.
Saturday was the candle party, which was fun. I had an emergency visit to the optometrist - my glasses are about ready to break.
I had to get an exam and pick out some new frames - all for the bargain price of $246 that I had NOT planned on spending....ahh well such is the life of the visually impaired.

Woohoo - Ray just called and said that my glasses are in !!! That rocks!!!

Friday, February 21, 2003

Here it is...Friday..and I am in the computer lab at school working on this insane research outline and theme for English class. Oh what fun! It has actually been easier than I anticipated, but that is actually scaring me. Ahh well, this is supposed to be a "rough draft", so if there are a few errors, no harm done I suppose. Tonight have little people coming over to visit while their parents out to dinner. I am not sure what time that fun and excitment is going to begin. Okay this keyboard sucks, if you care to know. I miss my Natural keyboard at work. :P Oh well that is what I get for taking a vacation day, eh???

Thursday, February 20, 2003

Almost Friday....that is all I keep thinking! :) I am debating on taking a vacation day tomorrow. Why? I am seriously pissed off about the research paper that I have to do for my English class. I have to have an outline and copies of all the materials that I am going to use as my research in the mail to my instructor by Saturday. The whole thing is just STUPID. First of all, she nixed my choice of topics...and now I'm stuck doing a research paper on Mexico. I have nothing against Mexico, but this research does me little to no good in my pursuit of a degree in criminal justice!! So tomorrow I could do the research paper outline and photocopy 9,000 pages of junk to mail to her...

Wednesday, February 19, 2003

Today is a most stressful one. In the past week and a half I have had my car broken into, been rear-ended (no damage to the car, only to my nerves), and last night Ray had his stuff stolen out of his locker at the YWCA. This morning at school there was an anti-war demonstration on campus, which was most annoying because it was disrupting my class. I was sitting 5 feet from the instructor and at times had really difficulty hearing what she was saying. I realize people have the right to protest, but I also have the right to get an education. I have seriously mixed emotions about protests anyhow. Many of the people that participate have no idea what they are talking about, or are doing it just to "jump on the bandwagon." I am not implying that all protesters are un-educated, I am just saying that it only takes one bad apple to turn something that could be productive into a full-blown disaster.

Tonight my Mom is coming over to see the stuff that I have recently purchased for the wedding reception. Yesterday I cancelled the church and reserved the chapel at Crossroads Village in Flint. In other wedding news, still waiting for the cake topper to arrive from Jamie Lee. Have yet to order the invitations...still deciding what time to have the ceremony. I have the chapel from 1 pm to 4 pm but I also need to allow time for photos....ahh the decisions!

Hmm..well, venting here has made me feel a little better!

Tuesday, February 11, 2003

Just another day in paradise. Today is one of those days that even the simple things are seeming rather difficult.
My satellite still hasn't come - good thing that the guy for the installation drove an hour and half to find that out...
and here I was thinking that I was lucky!! They originally had me scheduled for the 17th, they called last night, totally catching me off guard (and therefore I forgot that the dish hadn't come yet), and they moved me up today. Well, install guy came, satellite did not. I am wondering if UPS didn't drop the package because of Buddy being on the back porch...but they should have left a notice or something(???)!
I dunno - I am not in the mood to be at work, but I am really not sure what I am in the mood to do....
Well at least Brett Hull got his 700th goal last night *FINALLY*
The Wings have been in somewhat of a slump lately! :(

Oh - did I mention that I WANT MY FEDERAL TAXES DANG IT!! I WANT TO START BUYING STUFF FOR MY WEDDING RECEPTION!!! Oh yeah - and the dress, too! :) LOL Ray's taxes should be in this week too, so we can really get this wedding ball rolling!

Thursday, January 30, 2003

Today is my first blog. I have no idea what I am doing, but I figure that it could prove to be interesting. Even if no one reads it (because frankly my life is not that interesting), at least I have a place to vent.