Tuesday, August 26, 2003

Ahh - my how time flies! I am now a 27-year old. Woohoo! I am working at an insurance agency in the Flint area doing data entry. It is a pretty decent job. I like the fact that I keep very busy - which makes the work day just fly by!

Great news - last Friday I FINALLY received my unemployment checks!! I got 10 weeks of back pay. Even better was the fact that we had actually gotten the majority of the bills caught up, so we had a little fun money. :) I bought a new garage door opener - ours hasn't worked in months - and for my birthday I bought myself a new bike. Ray got one too. :) We also spent some money on the animals...the flea meds from the store weren't working, so now we have both of them on Revolution. So far I have noticed that they are hardly scratching at all. I still need to wash my blankets and also clean the carpets. We also had Sparky neutered on Monday - that was $78 - but I have been meaning to get it done for some time now.

I feel so bad :) He has to wear a collar on his neck - the thing that looks like a lampshade - so that he won't lick his stitches. Ray was supposed to call the vet today to see how long he has to wear it. Right now he has it off and is laying in front of the fan. About an hour ago he got up on the couch with me, laid his head on my lap and fell asleep. It was very cute. He's my buddy!

This weekend we worked on cleaning up the enormous brush pile in the backyard. It has been there since we moved in. Since we live in the city, we are supposed to cut it up and put it to the curb every week. Yeah right. That would have taken a few years! We loaded it into a trailer and took it to my Mom's for disposal. In the process of digging it out (the pile was at least six feet high), we found a decomposing dog at the bottom. Very disgusting. We have no idea where it came from, when it got there, or who it belongs to.

School started this week - at least my Ferris classes. Back to the grindstone!

Well, need to go check on my dog ...

Friday, August 15, 2003

Well, this is my first posting in a month. Not doing too good at keeping up with this, am I? Hmmph. Well, I had a miscarriage last month, that kind of sucked, but we are doing okay. The doctors did not find anything wrong physically - and believe me, it was not for a lack of looking! It's just one of those things, I guess. Today is my last day at this temp job, the regular receptionist is coming back on Monday. I have another position lined up through my contract house. I start Monday at an insurance company in Flint, which is good. They are paying me the same as here, but it is obviously much closer, so I will be saving some green on gas.

Ray's job is going well, he seems to like it a lot. He has so far only had positive things to say.

This weekend we are camping at the Bay City State Park. Tomorrow we are going to see the Tall Ships in Bay City. We left the cat at home, and Sparky is at my Mom's for the weekend. Had a little adventure this morning. Ray was packing up the car while I was getting ready for work. We are ready to leave, and I notice the cat sitting in the driveway. Since he is not an outdoor cat, this was not a good thing. We were both chasing him around the yard. The grass was slippery, which made it that much more difficult. Reminded us both of when Sparky never wanted to come in the hosue. I am SO glad that he doesn't pull that stuff anymore.

Last night when I got home the trash can was tipped over - apparently there were chicken bones in there - and I picked it up and scolded Sparky. Later on, I hear the can tip over again. Well, Sparky was in my line of sight, so I knew he didn't do it. It was the cat!