Sunday, March 14, 2004

The weekend always seems to go by MUCH too quickly! Friday we went and got the van fixed - broken wire in the vent solenoid...or something like that...but it's all better now (THANK YOU JEREMY AND BILL!!). We also went to Caro to rent a 10X20 storage unit. $75 a month...geesh. :) LOL Whoever thought up that business was a genius!

Yesterday we kind of lazed about the house for a while, then we took the seats out of the van and loaded up all of the boxes that I had already packed, plus a few of the totes from the basement. That little van holds quite a bit of stuff!

Today I am working on packing (yes, I know, not right now while I am playing on the Internet), we are thinking about taking another load out to Caro.

Well, now that I said that, I feel kind of guilty that I am not I better get to it....


Thursday, March 11, 2004

Well, the appraiser was here on Monday. We are now playing the waiting game. :) LOL It's killing me, I tell you. I am not a very patient person. :) Okay, normally I am not *too bad*, but this is all just so exciting that I can't help it!!

I have been packing a few boxes a day, now the living room walls are bare and there are boxes stacked all over....
it's really starting to sink in. Not to mention the knot in my stomach when I think about packing the stuff in the garage... AAAHHH!! :)

I have had a pretty good week, got my 90 day review at work last night, was all good. :) Kind of interesting after all this time to have a job that actually does reviews AND gives raises....not something I EVER got with Kelly!!

I had to buy a new gas cap for the van today - the service engine soon light comes on every time I get gas. Hoping that takes care of it....but I realized old habits die hard. I was standing at the parts counter reading Chevy I used to read those at GMPP! :) Kind of nice to see some articles in there about stuff that I knew about, brings back some memories....

Well, I want to watch Law & Order at 7, and I also need to get a couple of boxes packed, so I shall close for now....

Here is a link to my new house...

Tuesday, March 02, 2004

Woohooo!!! Lots has happened since my last post!
We have put our house on the market, and as of Sunday, we have an offer! Not even ONE FULL WEEK on the market!!
The people came back tonight to take another look at the basement, waiting to hear about that....
They didn't read the seller's disclosure when they were here the first time - I had put in there that we were re-sealing / waterproofing the basement. I guess they had to come look again. It's like, umm, hello, it's not MY fault you didn't read it in the first place.

Plus, Ray did the resealing last night, there is NO water in our basement, and it was pouring last night and with all the snow melting, the ground is just saturated with water. I have standing water in the driveway (low spot in the turnaround) even, but THERE IS NO WATER IN MY BASEMENT!! :) LOL

Now I am going to do some packing - bought a few boxes from U-Haul when I was there inquiring about truck / trailer rental prices....and I also have to work on my presentation for Thursday. Then of course, a nap and then off to work. :P

Sometimes I really hate third shift, but in reality it's not that bad - it just seems like I don't have as much free time because I always take that little nap because I'm 1000000% paranoid that I am going to end up on some machine that is going to kick my ass and I will be exhausted.....

Monday, February 16, 2004

Woohoo! Keep your fingers crossed and start praying, people. :) Our offer has been accepted in Caro, and since we are preapproved for financing, the only hurdle is selling our house in Flint. I'm telling you, it's NOT a bad house or neighborhood. :)

I have class tonight - some criminal law class -very boring, believe me. I skipped last week (for the second time). I usually have to leave early - and I feel bad, but I do have to get in a nap before work. It's not my fault that we ramble on endlessly in there!!!

It looks as if Ray was working on cleaning the house while I was asleep. :) Nice husband he is!!
I love him!! :)

I am trying to upload a pic of my pups, but I don't think it is going to let me unless I upload it to my yahoo account and do a link from there....

Sunday, February 15, 2004

Still too freaking cold here in Michigan, but lots of things going on in the Vargo household. :)
The school semester is going well, although very quickly. I'm not 100% sure if I am taking summer classes at FSU - due to $$ (or lack thereof).

We have decided to sell our house - we have found a house that we REALLY like in Caro - and we submitted an offer on Friday, so we are waiting to hear back from the seller's on that one...hoping it goes well.

Of course, we also have to sell our house. I have an appointment with a realtor next week to come out and do a market analysis. The only snafu is making enough $$ to pay the realtor's commission and pay off the loan. I know we haven't lived here long enough to have built up enough equity to come out very much ahead....

So if you are looking (or know someone that is) looking for a starter home w/ a payment significantly less than most rent in this area, give me a shout. :) As an added bonus, we have a 2 1/2 car garage for those cold winter days!!! It is also insulated and has a spot for a woodstove, if you are the handyman type. :) LOL
Oh yeah - and if you have / want pets, the 80 X 110 lot offers lots of room AND IT IS FENCED!!!

Wednesday, January 14, 2004

Lots of snow here in Michigan today. I have shovelled parts of my driveway a couple of times. Very deep - they are estimating that the total accumulation is about 8 - 12 inches. Funny thing about weather though - have you ever noticed that the total snowfall (especially if it is a forecast) seems to remind you of some fishing tale that you have heard?? Each time you hear the story, it gets bigger and bigger (or in this case, deeper -- oh the irony!!).

I have to work tonight, so I was very concerned about having to shovel the whole driveway. I was curious though, since I now have a mini van that sits quite a bit higher than my car - so I put the dogs in the van (they were outside while I was shoveling), and we backed down the driveway. No real problems, so I was like YES I am getting out of shoveling - at least for tonight. I have to sleep sometime. I backed the van back into the garage, so that should make my departure for work that much easier....

Well, I need to go let the dogs out and then lay down for a little bit. I've only gotten like 4 hours of sleep :(
I also have to leave about 1/2 hour earlier than normal, just in case...

Sunday, January 11, 2004

Long time, no posting....

Here's a quick update:

The holidays were great, had my family over on Christmas day for dinner. Lots of people - but very fun!!
I started working at Metamora Products Corporation on December 2. I work 3rd shift production - my shift is from 12 am until 8 am. Jenny and I are carpooling, so the drive is not too bad at all. Having someone to talk to (besides myself) is nice!!

I traded in the Cavalier last week for a 1999 Pontiac Montana. I LOVE IT!! I am not sure how the insurance is going to go, but the payment more than doubled. :P Oh well - the Cavalier was getting too small!! We also got a new puppy just before Christmas - her name is Zoey. She is a DOLL. She and Sparky are buddies - and she and Shanny (the cat) even get along!!
I got a 30 cent raise at the first of the year, and I will have another 2 raises (I think) coming up - at least one. After I get my six months in, I will be making more than I was at GM. I am also bringing home more $$ because I am not paying for insurance (I am on Ray's), plus I am now in the "married" tax bracket.

School starts tomorrow - I do not have my books yet - since I just ordered them on Friday.
:P I am not taking any Mott classes this semester, because I have 11 credits at Ferris - more than enough!!

Well, I need to get some stuff together and take a nap before work.