Monday, April 28, 2003

Very busy weekend! So busy that I am still tired today! I had shopping on Saturday and yesterday was my bridal shower. My uncle and his girlfriend - the ones that called to bitch - didn't even show up. Irritating, not to mention seriously immature. Apparently the GF is manic depressive and doesn't take her medication - explains a lot about her. I feel bad for her that she has that problem, but at the same time, it's like "Hello, dumb ass, take your medication". I think that she sounds rather selfish, vain, insecure and rather immature. The worst part is that my uncle is buying into her little drama and it is having an effect on his kids. What he does is his own business, but when he starts treating his kids badly because she is jealous, that is just wrong.

Anyhow - enough on that rant! The shower went well, thank goodness. Now down to the "final countdown", as the saying goes.
I still have to go shopping w/ Ray and his Mom - they had quite a few deals at Sears Saturday, I may see if she wants to go there. My Grandma bought a pantsuit and a dress for me (very early bday present) for less than what she had paid for a dress that she ordered from Lane Bryant. I am glad she found a nice pantsuit - I think she will be much more comfortable that way and she will get more use out of the outfit.

Well back to work for me !

Thursday, April 24, 2003

Thursday is here. Almost to Friday! Thank goodness! Work is going by rather slowly today. I have a presentation in class tonight, I hope that it goes well. I think we are taking our final next Thursday. I certainly hope so, since I haven't really studied yet!

Families can really be soooooo trying at times. Last night my uncle called my Mom to find out why his girlfriend hadn't been invited to my bridal shower. Like we are purposely trying to be mean to her. First of all, I have only met her ONE time and she wasn't exactly the most outgoing / friendly person towards me or my Mom. Secondly, I didn't know her last name and quite frankly, forgot to call my uncle and ask him. Funny how having a full time job and 3 college classes creates very little time for anything else. The whole situation just seems so high school to me. I met this person one time and I am obligated to invite her to my bridal shower? It's a no win situation - I wanted to invite her to include her, but at the same time I have only met her once, they are NOT married, and I just felt like I was saying "hey, bring me a present" or something.

Lots of work to do this weekend preparing for the shower. My Mom and I are going shopping Saturday w/ my Grandma, looking forward to that. That should be one heck of an adventure ;)....

Wednesday, April 23, 2003

The layoff scare still is not over, much to my dismay. Right now I just don't need the hassle!! It is a beautiful day and coupled with my growing cynicism about my job, I am very much tempted to play hooky! I have quite a bit of vacation time, so it's not like I couldn't take the day off, but somehow I feel like I should be here, since most of the team is out of the office. I am struggling with a guilty conscience on this one - I have no ambition right now because I am very much irritated by the never-ending lay-off saga. On the same hand, I do feel a certain amount of loyalty toward the people that I work directly with. Plus, if I do get laid off, it's not like it was anything they could control. They have done what they can, and now we shall just have to wait and see where the cards fall.

One of the guys that I work with (who is out of town today), did call and wish me a "Happy Administrative Professionals" day. That caught me by surprise. I have worked here for almost 5 1/2 years and this is the 3rd time anyone has actually remembered me on this day!

I also took a final in one of my criminal justice classes today - went pretty well I think, and I also took the last test in my sociology class. It was fairly easy, also. I have a presentation tomorrow night, and another one on either next Monday or Wednesday, and then I am done for the semester! Summer vacation at last!! :) Saturday I am going shopping with my Mom and Grandma - Mom is buying Grandma something decent to wear to my wedding (she has zero taste and lives on very little money from Social Security), plus I have to get fitted for my wedding dress. In all depressive things it is probably still too tight but I guess I didn't have enough personal control to lose the weight that I wanted to. That is something that I seriously need to get very much more motivated about. Exercise and weight loss and all that good stuff.

Well, being the good person that I am, I should get back to work and struggle through the next couple of hours. Might as well earn a paycheck while I still can, eh?

Sunday, April 20, 2003

Another long delay between posts.... The "layoff scare" wasn't really over far I haven't heard for sure one way or the other. I am assuming that it has passed, though, because in our "All People" meeting last Thursday they said they have approval from upper management to ADD 3 I guess we shall see. Sometimes there is absolutely no logic to any of it.

Next weekend is my bridal shower. Time certainly has flown by !! My Grandma was supposed to come down on Saturday but I called today and said I would pick her up on Friday so that we have plenty of time on Saturday. My Mom is taking her shopping for a nice outfit for the wedding, and we are also going to the bridal shop for a fitting and to pay on the dress. Since I have to borrow the money from my Mom, I figured we could do it all in one day, since the odds of my Mom getting a weekend day off between now and the wedding are pretty much zilch!! My grandma seemed kinda pissed off about it and that kind of irritates me. I am the one driving 2 hours one way to pick her up - and it's not my fault that she is ALWAYS late!!! She said she was coming down on Saturday which with her means she'll get here about 7 pm. Yeah right...

The whole thing irritated me and especially since I rarely see her and rarely ask her for anything. She is making rolls for my shower, though, and she said that she has to make them on Saturday. I'm like - so make them on Friday. It will be like 6 or 6:30 before I can get up there anyway! Grr!!!

Friday, April 04, 2003

Okay - Obviously it has been a while since my last post. Things have been VERY crazy this week, to say the least! Monday there was the "lay-off scare" (which seems to have worked out fine, thank goodness), and then on Tuesday the water heater went to hell. Even with the home warranty, it cost me $270, plus my Mom spotted us $95 for the deductible, but now we have a brand new 40 gallon (bigger than the old one) natural gas water heater. However, that $270 had been set aside with the intention of paying off my wedding dress. So now I have a nearly maxed out credit card and a month to go until the wedding. My Mom said that she will cover the dress if need be, but I really don't want to have to ask her for that. I mean, she is already paying for the catering, the drinks, the hall and part of the bridal shower. Speaking of which, Ray's Dad keeps calling and asking him if I sent an invitation to "so and so" . I don't think he gets the fact that I am not inviting every single person he knows to the bridal shower. Like they would even come anyway. I mean, if I don't know know who THEY are, chances are they don't know who I am! It is very irritating because he hasn't chipped in any $$ yet toward anything other than the cruise - which they offered as a wedding present....
and yet my Mom is paying for all that stuff, plus the rehearsal dinner! And she works at Meijer's for crying out mega millions there!! The whole thing isn't really that big a deal but to me, he needs to quit adding all these mystery people to the guest list, considering he is not the one paying for all the food! He is paying for the DJ and the photographer, but he is getting a SWEET deal on both of them ($500 TOTAL between the 2). He also has a balance on the cruise and hasn't gotten the airline tix yet.
I am not trying to sound selfish, but I am really looking forward to this cruise - Lord knows we both need a vacation - and I just keep getting that nagging feeling in my stomach. That "don't get your hopes up" feeling....

On a brighter note the only thing left (other than the dress) is the marriage license, ray's tux and I have to write to North Carolina for his birth certificate (for the cruise)...oh and I need a music CD for the wedding....I don't know anyone that plays the organ....