Saturday, May 24, 2003

Can you say "seriously long time since I have posted here?" Not that anyone reads this anyhow...
One week from today I am getting MARRIED!! Can you believe it?? I have been SUPER busy the last few weeks, between wedding stuff and job hunting. I still haven't found anything, but I am going to look a bit more seriously than I am right now. Very excited about the cruise :) I cannot wait!
Next week should be fun and super busy. The week AFTER the wedding but BEFORE the cruise is probably going to drag. I can feel it now!

I am working on my FAFSA - should have had it done a while ago but alas, I have pushed it aside. :( Just so many things going on!

Well, I hate to cut this short, but I must get it done!

PS Happy B-Day, Dad - I love you and miss you!
(Leonard V. Leffel, May 24, 1952 - January 8, 1996)

Wednesday, May 07, 2003

Well. A lot of things have happened since my last post. Specifically, I am no longer employed. :( My position at GM was eliminated due to budget constraints, and Kelly hasn't found me anything yet. I am still waiting on my $$ determination from unemployment to find out how much I am eligible for. Monday I met a bunch of people from GM for lunch - very touching. :) There were about 12 people there and I got a card with $75 in it! Talk about surprised!! I was rather emotional...
A job is a job, but I will miss the people that I worked with - five years is a LONG time to see the same people day after day....
Sometimes I saw them more than I saw my family!! I have been submitting resumes online and stuff, but I haven't seriously followed up on anything because I have the wedding and cruise coming up. I need like 2 weeks off and that is a lot to ask immediately after starting a job - although it is truly not my fault. I am going to look a lot harder after the cruise. I have found TONS of things online and nearly all of them pay more than I was making, so I suppose that is the silver lining in the cloud.

Ray and I bought a new faucet for the kitchen sink today - very sick of the dripping we have been experiencing, especially considering that we have to pay for that water that is going to waste! I feel guilty spending the $50 but at the same time it will save us money. I guess that I am just feeling guilty because he has been working a lot of OT to make up for my lost income. :( Oh well, I suppose that is what "For better or worse" is all about.